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Category: Tips & tricks

Are you tired of griefers

How To Swap To Defensive Playstyle: To become ‘Defensive’, open the Player Menu in RDO. Tap [D-Pad: Left] to bring up the menu, then select ‘Online Settings’. Scroll down to Playstyles and switch from ‘Offensive’ to ‘Defensive’. After switching playstyles, you’ll need to wait 30 seconds before the effect takes place. During that time, you […]

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The degredation process

You can keep track of the condition of a weapon via the weapon wheel. Look below the five main stat bars to find a “condition” bar. Initially, this is fully white – which corresponds to an optimal condition. Over time, you will notice that the right end of the bar becomes gray, indicating that the degradation progress has begun, […]

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Fishing spots and habitat

Fishing rods are available at Rank 14, and cost about $32. You can purchase them from your brochure. Just hold [D-Pad: Left] to open the brochure and order it. It will instantly appear in your inventory. Killers and griefers are around every corner in Red Dead Online. That makes fishing one of the most dangerous activities you can try. If […]

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